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About Us

Beacon Shaving & Barber Supply

Beacon Shaving & Barber Supply has been manufacturing Shaving products, Barber supply items, Skincare tools and Manicure & Pedicure Products and exporting them to the quality conscious industries all over the world. The Company prides in its images of a complete Shaving & Barber supplies corporation, offering products, process and dealing with international clients which repeatedly stand recognized by International business standards and Certificates.

The Commitment to excellence has allowed us to establish our customer bases in strategic and vital Shaving & Barber Supply hubs of the world, like US, Germany , France, Australia, JAPAN,

Beacon Shaving & Barber Supply exports directly to several customers in numerous geographic including the Americas, Europe, Africa & Asia. Our customers are extremely happy with our product quality and service and express their confidence and gratitude at continuous intervals.

Beacon Shaving & Barber Supply is known synonymous with high quality, efficient service and close correspondence with its customers. Its success depends upon those who work for it and equally on those who work with it. The company is growing in an evolving industry and Shaving & Barber Supply has promised itself to stay up to date with changes. After all, a successful company will produces successful clients and successful client will produces a successful company.

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